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frontier 370 problem


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Dear Mico,   try to perform IO check.before!!!!!!!! swiching off and on(as soon as you have switched off and on the printer and you can`t perform this)Mostly  D571, 72, 73 are dirty (entrance processor)because of the corrosive environment at that place(check connectors there)..try to clean sensors in subscanning.......Please do give us information about this problem and how you`ve solved this!!!!!!since.It is not for getting a gold medal,BUT FOR GOING ON CHARING OUR EXPERIENCES WITH OTHERS.most friendly greetings to all Pietre48.

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I have the same problem (W-2411- paper remains in printer.remove paper) AND i have tried almost everything!!!

Its pissing me off..

There is no paper anywhere! Not in the processor, printer, dryer. No WHERE!

I did the Printer IO Check steps and nothing!!

I have restarted the machine about 3 times (by force)


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There is most likely a belt moved over in the transport section. This is the section right before the processor section. There are quite a few belts and sometimes one moves over and blocks the light sensor causing that error.

Check the printer input check and look for:

D571,572 and 573

Processor enterance rear, center and front. One will say yes meaning there is something obstructing the sensor. Usually it is the center one that this happens to.

It is possible to cut off the belt causing the issue and run fine. I have done this many times. I would not run with more then one belt missing however.

It is also a bit tricky to get the section taken apart esspecially if you have never done it before.

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