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Laser Focus problem on Frontier 340


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My pictures from Frontier 340, digital or film, come out blurry in a very unnoticeable level. I mean you can see the blur only on very small text and very thin lines.

I have tried to do the laser beam adjustment, but none of the lines are good, I mean all of them have a drift, less or more, so laser adjustment cannot be done perfect.

What could the problem be? Mecanical? as I cleaned the laser mirrors? Or beacuse I have a dieing B laser and manipulated PD and current settings?

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When I make rough laser adjustemnt everything looks ok, but when i make fine adjustment none of the horizontal lines is perfect, all of them have drift.

Also, why only 20 on 203 paper? It asks from 1 to 25 but prints only 20?

So all the pictures have drift, I reset laser PD and yellow is gone, so with PD acceptable for the Blue laser to work, there is this drift,don't know if mecanical since I cleaned laser unit, or from laser.

Cian and Magenta are most drifted, that's why it is so obvious.

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