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Output device Type mismatch LP7600/LP7500


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I'm installing a new Frontier Lp7500 triple magazine, capacity booster F, N1 v2.10.008, MS01 v3.0, when I click on Find in the output Device registration menu I get LP7600 in the machine type with right SN registered in label and if iI go to the maintenance menu I get an rror message "output device is not availble"

please can some one help me

thnaks a lot.

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Make sure your PC network address is in the same group and not the same. If you need to run a set IP address for your network add another LAN card for the printer PC at and you should be able to connect. Don't change the printer IP or you will run into more problems

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Hi Magenta ,

I did'nt change the Ip adress of the printer, and the PC Ip adress is in the same network, I'm sure that all the pC config is alright because I tested the Pc on another printer LP7500 and it works normally,

I guess the problem might be in printer because, the output device detect LP7600 and Im installing an LP7500 printer

thanks for help

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