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Cleaning fluid


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I use domestic bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Make sure it is if a good quality. (Stay away from cheap brands and use non scented bleach)

Remove racks and drain chemistry and wash.

Add 2-4Litres bleach to each tank, and then fill up with luke-warm water to the top. (Brim of tank)

Switch processor on and run for 1 hour.

Scrub tanks with a scourer pad. (The type you would use for dishes)

All the muck and stains are removed.


Fill tanks with fresh water and run processor to rinse bleach out of pipes, etc.

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We use Power Clean on the racks, but you need to make sure you REALLY rinse it off, because the grit can give you scratching. Bleach isn't aloud in the lab because the fumes can mix with the chemical fumes and create "the Deadly Purple Cloud!" Duhn duh daahhh. :-)

Also, we use simple green on everything else. Its chemical safe.


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