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System crash MS-01 and sp500


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i am so happy that i found this forum. I really got in trouble here. We are useing the ms-01 software and the sp500 scanner. But last friday my workstation hdd crashed.

I got a loot of handbook this the ms software and the scanner. But there is absolute no help in there.

I installed a new hdd, install windows XP Pro with Service pack 2. I can remeber that my computer must have the right name, the workgoupe also and the right ip adress. But i dont know them. We use our maschine just for scanning. No printing!

After installing the MS software, i always got the error that MS01 cant communitycate with the database. and if i want to install the scanner driver, i got the message that the pc envirenment is not propper.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards


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Can you answer the following?  May be I can help.  I spent many years in the computer industry.

1.  Not sure of your environment, can you explain what is your network setup?  Is your trouble PC is part of the network with other PC connected to it?  If not, you don't really need any IP setup, and workgroup.

2.  If it is part of the network, most likely you didn't record the ip address information.  You can guess by looking into other PC on the network.  The key is no two machine should have the same ip address.  You most likely can find the workgroup information from the machines in the network.  The question is do you know how to find these information from another PC.

3.  As for MS01 can't communicate with database, not sure what MS01 is.  Please explain what software it is.


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1. there is no network. It is a stand alone pc.

2. see 1. ;-)

3. ms01 is the basic software. the fuji frontier software, to make all the jobs

but sorry danny, if you dont know the frontier system, i think you cant help me to reinstall. i know that there must be some parts to know about the software to install. somethink like: ip adress (maybe), username, workgroup (maybe), what else, i dont know.

best regards


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Hey Frenchman,

thank you. I will now try. Do you think that is the reason why the MS01 could not connect to the database? I will write here what happen.

But one question. Did i need a User or will this user be setup automaticly by installing the software. If i install there is a user frontier without passwort and no admin rights.

But now i will test.


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yeah frenchman, you got it. thats the reason i want to do it myself. i swear, i take a trip to france to thank you if this will work. but at this time it seems that i have to reinstall windows xp. the installation hangs at .net install.

maybe because to often install/uninstall all ;-)

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