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Software ? What does what?


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I have a Frontier 370 and am trying to learn about what software does what.

It is just the printer with a ibm e server to run it. No Scanner. The computer is called PrintServer3.

I have to run it by using sending text files to a  FCIM hotfolder.

I am just trying to figure out what software does what. I know I have to have EZPrint and SIMON running to print but what is SIMON? I dont have a manual for the simon part of the software and have no idea how to set it back up it something happened. What is C4C5?

Could someone just give me a quick rundown of what does what and does anyone has a manual for simon or fcim.

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Well, this can all be a bit confusing as there are 4 unique software systems available for Fuji Frontiers, as well as a few aftermarket systems.

First there is C4/C5, which was offered with Frontiers sold world wide, except for the USA.  C4/C5 is not compatable with the software on your print server. It is relatively simple to use, but requires patches to get it to work with Windows XP (It is meant for Windows 2000).  Although many labs are using it , I would say it is now obsolete and is probably at the end of it's development (meaning no more updates and patches).  

Next in the USA Frontiers were sold with PIC.  PIC is completely different than the above software and is not compatable.  There were many verisons of PIC including PIC 2.6, PIC PRO (for large Pro labs), and ending with PIC 3.0 . I don't have a lot of knowledge on PIC as it was never sold where I am located. I would say the software on your print server is either for PIC PRO or PIC 3.0.  In either case, the computer you have is designed to control and feed the printer, and you would require another computer with PIC installed for order entry and image correction.

Then there is FEII software, which was a development of the old C4/C5 software.  It is updated considerably and will run on Windows XP.  It was sold world wide, but not in the USA or in Canada (where we stayed with C4/C5).  As with the others, it is not compatable with C4/C5, PIC or MS.

Finally, there is now MS (or FEIII) software. This is based on PIC 3.0, but is now available world wide and has similar elements to the FEII and C4/C5 systems.  If you end up buying new software, this is the system to go for, and is currently sold and supported by Fuji.  It is the best of all in some areas, but for those familiar with the older world wide software it can have a steep learning curve.  

In all the above systems, there are software modules that allow you to control a printer (FMPC, LPC), do image editing (FDI, MS01), as well as printer drivers and network interfaces.  For older Frontiers like the 370, the software interfaces with the printer either through the film scanner or through a computer that servers as a controller (like what you have).  Order entry is done either with a kiosk or the imaging controller, which is also where orders are color corrected and adjusted.

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Sorry to tag along here but i was wondering if anyone could confirm for me that it is the FMPC and the software running on that which controls the Image Intelligence and auto correct funcion?

If so How do i dissable it, i assume the loginto admin button on the interface should get me there but i do not know the password :S

any way round this?

thanks for any help you can give me, matt.

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Oh right,

will this even work for the FEII and C4/C5  software on my FMPC or will it only work for the Windows 2000 OS itself, im having no problems in booting and running the system i just cant get into the interface admin setup, you know the little "Admin" button that asks for password.

many thanks again

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many thanks for the password, i managed to dissable the auto correct function and i have much imporved images.

I was also told by somebody that for best results i must also dissable the actual "image intelligence" function as well as the "auto correct"??? are these two different features of the 590 system or are they the same thing with two names?

Many thanks, matt.

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