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Hello, I have a problem with my MS01 Fuji Fronteir 7500 software. Every either certain time(~3months?) or every certain amount of prints I have to call Fuji to come and do something to the softaware like reboot it or something like that. They always do same steps so they could "reboot", if you could call it that, the software. Also, i know some photo labs around my area that have the same problem. When they came to fix our problem all we could see was that they entered some files and they were in an order of "Koki_printer_fronteirPrinter_26490012". After that they told us to turn off the machine and when we turned it on again it was working once again. Another information I can give you about this is that before they came there was an error with my machine and in the screen it said to "add refinisher water" or something like that. When we looked, the water was full and as far as we could tell the machine was fine.

My question is, how can we stop this problem? I know there is a way to stop rebooting the software every certain time. If I could know how it would help so the machine can work efficiently. If you need any extra information about my problem then feel free to ask because I reallly want an answer to this problem. Thank you for your help and time.

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