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fuji wont connect to imaging controller


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Can any one pliz help me find a solution why the 570 wont connect to the imaging controller yet everthing seems fine. the di output file is selected on yes, when you ping you get a reply but when you connect there is no connection to printer. the printer ver is 2.5-0x-133k and the imaging controller software ver is 3.0-o3-510.

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1. I know that sometimes the printer is not loading drivers for network board. So enter explorer in printer and, in Device MAnager check if there is exclamation or question mark at the network adapter. So you just restart until it is everything OK.

2. You may have the newest extra strong virus that blocks network connections. It kills me from about 3 months. I clean it when the printer doesn't connect anymore and clients bring it back on their memory supports. The best thing is to search for Kaspersky Rescue CD on the net.

3. You may use an antivirus that blocks traffic as it interprets the high amount of traffic as malware generated. Just uninstall antivirus. i had problems especially with AVAST.

4. Maybe Firewall On.

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thank you for your help but it has still refused, the drivers for the network for both the printer and the imaging controller in the device manager dont have a question mark.

2. the antivirus on the imaging controller is symantec but av tried disabling it and still it has refused

3. there is no fire wall enabled, all firewalls are disabled.

4. i dont think its a virus bcoz we have not been using this machine its the first time we are swithing it on, it actually has just been brought in.

pliz any more ideas are welcome thanks

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Did you ping both ways from both machines? Also make sure that you are signed on to both operating systems with appropriate user names and passwords. Boot up the DI machine first and log in the OS and then boot the other and try to connect. I had a smiluar situation where an employee ( for some CRAZY reason) made a seperate Windows XP user name and password and that caused a major malfuncation till I figured out what she did. You are on the right track if they both ping each other then it has to be something simple. Good luck!

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thank you but i have pinged from both sides and the ping is succesful but when it comes to connecting, the connection is unsuccesfull, does any one think it may be asetting in the printer that i have not activated?? the printer is a 570. and the accounts is the frontier account.

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