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F350 P2 Temperature slow heat


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Hi All,

I need to confirm with you all which SSR I replace to fix this problem, I am told it is the SSR 4 on the PAC20 board can I get confirmation of this?

The P2 temp is slow to heat, circulation ok, I am going to replace the heater, replaced filter cleaned sensor . If the heater doesn't work then I reckon it's the SSR.

Please confirm,



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The p2 heater is notorious for gunking up on the inside causing poor heat transfer to the chemical. You usually just have to clean it out. After draining the tank and pulling out the heater. I push a piece of scotch bright pad through the heater with a long screwdriver. That usually clears away the slime build up.

SSR4 is the component that controls power to the P2 heater.

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DO NOT use a scotch brite pad inside the heater. The heater tube has a coating on it. if you scratch the coating the heater will corrode faster than you know. the best thing to use is a nylon gun cleaning brush (not a brass or any other metal one). you could also just wrap paper towel around a screwdriver, but be VERY careful that you dont contact the heater with the metal screwdriver.

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