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Main Control Unit Replacement

DTR Tech

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I have successfully created and used a main control unit replacement for the 330/340 model machine. I have about 5 of them in machines right now and have been for the past year. It is based on the HP DC7700 PC to replace the Toshiba unit in the Frontier machines.

I have designed and manufactured a PCB to replace the “Timer” board in the current units. Attached is a write up I did with some images.

I have also created a different OS load disk with a bit of effort. This makes replacing these much cheaper.

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Thats the hard part. For that I had to use a windows load for the DC7700 then I copied the entire contents of the Frontier main hard drive on top of it and with some effort cleared the registry errors. It is stable as I have it. The ghost image that I created is currently setup for use with my current company. Not sure if the windows build is licensed to them or not...

Resolution must be 800X600. CD drive must be N:. 2 partitions can be on one physical drive for C and D which allows the Frontier software to install properly.


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The Frontier software tends to not like operating systems other then the ones that they were designed to run on. In this case I am using Windows 2000. The original Uses Windows 2000 embedded.

I loaded windows 2000, Copy and pasted the entire contents of a good frontier hard drive with just the OS load. Then ran a windows 2000 repair utility to fix what that messed up.

After working through what ever errors and changing all the settings to what I needed I built the ghost image.

The reason why I needed to copy the Frontier hard drive is because I think there is some drivers and other files that need to be on the new drive. I tried it with a regular windows 2000 load and it installed and printed fine. I was unable to get into the scanner adjustment and maint. menu however. Everything works fine now after layering the hard drive.

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