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5p per print from photo box!!!!!!!!


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how do they manage to offer  5p per print from photobox???????? Nearly half the population in Malta send their printing via internet to photobox. From my shop i charge 15euro cents per print (14p of UK) and from 501+ i charge 10 euro cents (9p UK). Still many peoplr go to photobox!!!!! Itst frustrating!!!!!!!!

How do you UK printing minilab owner cope with this situation?????

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In Spain we use to charge (in a shop) 0,35€ from 1 to 5 photos. The more you do the less

you pay.  More than 100 photos for 0,19€ each one, more than 300 photos 0,17€, more than

500 photos 0,15€, more than 1.000 photos 0,14€.

The maximmum I've made from a customer are 1.600 photos.

I found very cheap prices in the ones that you charge. It's reasonable that in internet

orders the price is cheaper, but you have to add (normally) shipping charges and wait

days or weeks.

We always deliver instant orders (20 minutes per 100 photos, 1 hour per 200 photos,...)

And, thank god, we have customers everyday selecting photos in the shop or bringing us

their usb's with pre-selected photos.



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