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Frontier 570 colour problem


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This is definitely a chemical issue. It appears as though your developer (P1) is weak. Go to the processor I/O screen and operate the P1RA and P1RB pumps about 5 times each, wait 10 minutes and then run the condition print again. If it is better but not good enough, do it 5 more times

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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your input!!!

I sent the image to Eugene at www.minilablaser.com.

He explained to me how to test the AOM on the 570 and it turned out to be the AOM.

I am much more familiar with the Frontier 370, 375 and 390 and needed some assistance with the 570.

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Please do not even try to repair AOM (crystal) by yourself.

This is one of the most expensive part of the laser unit (moreover it cannot be bought as a spare part).

All you need is to remove the laser head out of a laser unit and send to us.

We will repair it and return to you in a very short time.

1 year warranty period.


we need to get the laser head with its base, all wires and AOM as I shown here:


AOM is a small aluminium box before the laser head. Do not remove it from the base!

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Thank you Kevbo37. I've been experiencing the exact same problem and photos were really looking bad. Condition setups were always NG and black had turned blue.

I came across your chemical tip and operated P1R pumps 20 times and viola! I'm back to business. The black though is not yet as deep as it was before the problem. Seems I may have to operate P1R pump a few more times.

My machine is F340

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On 2/28/2017 at 3:41 AM, Minilab service said:

Take piece of paper and keep it on the light. Then put this paper to running processor.

For how long must I keep the piece of paper in running processor? I kept it for two minutes and the paper came out dark blue. I put it back and forgot it there for over 15 minutes then found it black.


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Are you kidding? If it was inside processor 15 minutes then processor was not running.

You have do following :

1. Take piece of paper and keep it on the light.

2. Run processor

3. Through control strip gap put paper inside processor. processor will take it.

4. Leave processor running and wait paper. It should go out from dryer.

5. If paper blue - have replace chemicals and check all (  circulation, replenishment, temperatures and etc ) .

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