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Frontier 375 Error E 2529


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Hello im from Bulgariq, excuse me for bad English, yesterday the machine stopped. Error massage Е-2529 SOS Detectin failed. Status display-warming, but all chemical tanks are Off status (temperature is OK) but the icon in the lower left corner of the screen shows status warming. Тemperature of the laser is only 25 degrees and no heat. I have another Frontier 370 her temperature is 27.5 degrees. Where is the problem and what needs to be replaced? Thanks for attention.

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Error 2529  -> "SOS detection failed" means that your minilab cannot get the "Signal of Synchronization" from the RED laser ( this gun is the only source of synchronization).


AOM driver,

AOM (crystal),

poor connection between :


2. AOM-driver and AOM (crystal)

First you need to do:

swap RED AOM driver with to GREEN AOM driver.

if you do not want to remove drivers and place them back- just change cables and see the result:

NOTE: you need to cross cables from the top and bottom!  Some customer just change only top cables and forget to change the bottom ones.

So do not forget.

See pictures (sorry for ugly drawings)

If you have no error 2529 and at same time you have no magenta color- it means AOM driver is dead.

If you have no changes - it means AOM (crystal) is dead.

In anyway you cannot repair AOM or

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What we usually refer to as an AOM is actually an AOM driver.  The actual AOM is a crystal or piezo element within the laser unit (optical section). The AOM driver sends a signal to the piezo element, causing it to resonate.  Yustas can correct me here if I am wrong, but I believe this resonating modulates the light coming from the laser to change it's intensity and color.

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"ghn5ue"  is right.

AOM always mix with AOM driver. But I never mix it and write correctly.

If you find out that AOM is dead - no need to interfere to the laser internal section (open the cover) - there is nothing inside to repiar by end-user.

Moreover if you have almost same lab - you can easily to localize the problem.

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It is difficult for me to say if the Frontier's 375 laser unit differs from 370 laser or not...

We repaired only 350/370/390 laser yet. They are more often are subject for repair.

Fr 375 is newer and we have never had complaints for laser problems. So we have now it from you. :)

Cause we never met with 375 so far so you will have to compare them (laser units) by yourself.

Also I hope there is a lot of visitors on the forum who can advise you how to compare them.


See private message

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In frontier 375 printer section LP2000 same as frontier 370 printer.   LP 1500 with SP3000 called  frontier 355 annd  LP 2000 with SP3000 refereed as frontier 375. so optical part is common for all 350/370/355/375.


Thank you friend, we will compare laser at 370 and 375 and if the same will swap them to see it will work.

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Thank you friend, will check that. All parts are changed with 370 work. AOM, all motherboards, power supply, cables, everything works, even machine (375) yesterday work, copy the photos over 300pieces and this morning a few copies still E2529 stopped again and again. What do I do not know. We can not discover what makes this problem when he wants.

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Mirrors are not the cause of your problem...

And if you decide to clean it - you will loose them.

If you spoil mirrors- you will kill the laser unit. It is impossible to buy them separately.

But in your case- you have dead AOM crystal.

P.S. If you decide to clean mirrors - we will tell you how to clean them (if you really will need it)

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