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F350 - E-2625


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I don't have idea what to do. Whe i start up my F350 after 5minutes they i get an error E-2625. All heaters works. But whe i get error heaters shut down. What can I do.

This error has occurred. When I insert the  rack back into the machine. Previously it worked all normal

Please help

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The heaters are located below the circulation filters behind the front panel.

You will need to:

+ power down the machine and breaker it off.

+ drain the tank

++ if you follow the hose from the circulation filter area for your p2 it will lead you down to the heater device.

++ You will need to remove the fan in front of it to get to it.

+ Remove the hose clamps and hoses

+ Disconnect the harnesses and unscrew the heater from the chassis. Its okay if you leave the safety thermostat attached to the heater.

+ I usually use a small piece of scotch bright pad but you may use something less abrasive and push it through the heater center. This should remove the sludge build up surrounding the inside.

+ After you clean out the inside of the heater put everything back together and fill it back up with chemical.

This is from memory. Hope this helps.

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You can do it even easier. Drain the tank. Disconnect the hose from the top of the heater. The heater is a grey aluminum block. Obtain a brass or plastic (not steel) round cleaning brush similar to a bore cleaning brush about 1/2 inch in diameter. Run this brush through the heater and it will be shiny and clean. Your overtemp error will stop.

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Yes, you may want to drain again and check your pump. The pump is pretty simple. If you remove the hose from the top of the pump you can see inside it to see if there is gunk clogging it. You could also remove the top of the pump if there is something in the propellers.

It sucks to have to do it again I know.  :(

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