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Adding Text to images


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Hey guys and gals,

Is there any way to add custom text to an image trough the PIC 2.6 or any software that works with the PIC to do so. I need to be able to add text on the fly  during printing and not go trough Photoshop ect. and then import. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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That's exactly that I need to know, in Noritsu I can use Print Frame option and select any PSD file with border or text and add on the fly just printing. but in Fuji is it possible? I want to buy a Fuji Frontier  with MS software but I'm not sure if it is pssible to do so easy as in EZ-Controller or Noritsu QSS-35-30-33-32-34 software.

Please help

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No, not near as easy as you describe.  With MS01 you would create a product first with the border and/or text then using 'compose' add your images to the product.  Not exactly 'on the fly' as when you create the product you need to resart the software to recognize it, and possably need to 'route' the product to the appropriate printer and paper.

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