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FF 370 bottom cassette loading problem


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I have a Frontier 370 and I cannot get the bottom cassette location to load no matter what cassette I use. It acts like it is going to load then I hear a sound and it says paper jam every time, but it has not even pulled any paper out of the cassette yet.

I thought it might be the motor, but I can hear something move after I close the door, then it says paper jam.

It says error W-2408

Any Ideas?

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No matter what cassette i use in the bottom it will no load.

I checked it yesterday and marked the paper where it comes out of the cassette and after i tried loading it it had pulled the paper out of the cassette by about 5mm more but it then will jam.

I also tried to stick a piece of paper through the slot into the paper path trrough the cutter section and I could not get it to go trough. Could the cutter be bad?

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I am pretty sure the cutter blade is by default closed and will not allow anything through. Do you get any cutter errors?

It is possible the belt is damaged or off track as well. Check the feed belt first then I would try checking things out in the printer I/O check. Try running the cutter unit and make sure it responds. Be sure you dont have the magazine in there when you do it and all interlocks are tripped.(doors are closed)

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I have gotten it to load a couple times now. I have to make sure almost no paper is sticking out of the cassette. It will then load without jamming, by hitting the cutter. The only problem is that sometimes it will just try to reload the paper even when the machine is sitting idle and it will jam against the cutter because it had advanced the paper out some during the first load.

I don't know what is wrong, could it be a sensor that detects if the paper is loaded?

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