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urgent help with FE configuration


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i'm not sure but there's a patches to install to the scanner (SP) and the S2 server, to establish the connection with the update between them and finally have all the good configuration menu to S2 !! but unfortunatelly i dont have these patches.  :'(  :'(  im also notice this problem of update is only with 330 340 and 350 Frontier why???? i dont know!!!!! if anybody have the solution tell us please!!!!  ;)

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If you installed S2 software succesfully after that;

First your 340 ver must be 4.0

second you have to install S2 software to Frontier 340 too.Just put cd inside of MCU and restrat the machine.Setup will start just click yes-yes...and finish again restart

Third make pre opcheck or connect to image contr via setup 0100 connect to ima... (FE-frontend has to wait in world map) if success

Fourth load s2 cd and open explorer than open s2 cd-tools-legacy conf tool and start

fifth select slp1000 and write EZPC00 -next-and finished

Restart the system

Dont forget to connect again via pre op check after that open the printing screen

(first connect than open the printing screen)


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I still would like to check the installation sequence. I have a Frontier 340 and want to replace a computer that is inside.

1: I install Win XP Service Pack

2. Made two HDD discs C and D and cd-rom N.

3: User name : FRONTIER, password : FRONTIER, computer name : FE-FRONTEND, WORKGROUP. (I can not use recovery disk because i am using a different computer configuration.)

4: Installing A1 ver4.0.

5. Installing MSDE2000 database engine SP3a

6. Installing IIS

7. Installing .Net Framework Ver.1.1

8. Then make windows settings like Disabling Windows XP Style, System Error Setting, Disabling User Assistant Function etc.

9. Restart

10. Installing S2

11. Load S2 cd and open explorer than open S2 cd-tools-legacy conf tool and start

fifth select slp1000 and write EZPC00 -next-and finished.

12. Optional Software Installation

13. After-installation Work

After all these steps I can print from media and film ?

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