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Info Regarding Image skew on Prints.

DTR Tech

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I think this has to with the Magazine tray and or the bracket over time moving away from the cutter. It seems that if one were to print out a bordered contact on 8” width by 4” length the skew shows itself very well.

Before the tilt adjustments are done how ever one must be sure that the tray and cutter are also lined up properly. The magazine should not move to one side or the other when pushed against the cutter unit. It also must not feel like it is hitting something before locking into place because it may be hitting the boss screw and tilting the magazine slightly in one direction or the other because of improper alignment.

The tray assembly might also need to be adjusted as the screws that secure the arm that pushes the tray forward sometimes loosen and cause the tray to not move as far forward as it should causing play in the tray when against the cutter.

In my experience if you have the print facing you with the feed direction pointing up and the skew on the left hand side is:

++pointing up then the magazine/tray side closest to the door needs to be moved closer to the cutter. An easy way to adjust that is to loosen the 7(I think) screws on the center rail that the tray assembly rides on(The screws on the machine side not the tray). This allows the whole tray to tilt forward on that side then the screws can be tightened.

++pointing down then the side closest to the door has to be moved away from the cutter. Which can be done by extending the boss screw several turns. The magazine must sit flush against the base of the boss screw with no play in it what set against the cutter.

When the skew is corrected laser rough adjusts and image position fine adjusts may be necessary.


This is very unlikely however I have found at a store in the past that the skew was actually caused by the optical section not set in the machine properly. It was on top of one of the posts rather then over it. The post had metal burs on the top preventing the optical section from mounting properly and they had to be filed down.


The flat head screw in the magazine used to adjust that magazines angle is held in with a nut. Forcing it to turn with out moving the nut will cause it (the head) to snap off.

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