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Circ. Board Repair


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Hello all,

I am trouble shooting an issue on my 370 and have come to the conclusion that it is most likely the pac20 board. Am going to now switch it out with a known working board from another store. If in fact the board is bad does anyone know of a relyable sorce for board repair?

Best Regards,


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yes i do!

but when the machine is down in a peak period you need to get it fixed quick and you don`t have time on your side. NO customer is LOYAL if they want their prints today they will go elsewhere and therefore you may lose that customer for good.

And bye GOD we can`t afford to lose any custom

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I repair these boards all the time via replacing those SSR components. I usually replace all the SSRs that go to the chemical heaters. There are 4 on the PAC20 boards, 3 on the PAC33 boards, 4 on the PAC22 boards.

You can get these components from http://www.Mouser.com with the mouser part number of "653-G3M203PDC5" and a price of $13.14 a piece with a price break at 25, 50, 100, 250.

They consist of 4 through hole leads and you only need a decent solder iron a de-soldering pump and some solder. Of course a little bit of experience in soldering is very useful for not damaging the boards

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