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Fuji 340 Dryer Roller Stopping


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Our 340's dryer sometimes stops rolling - causing jamming when subsequent prints are pushed through.

We kind of have to push the roller topside and it starts rolling again... its becoming a pain as we have to babysit the machine to ensure it doesn't jam... any tips/comments on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks Abdul, checked it out - sure they look a little worn.... but no missing teeth. Just wondering why that would cause the rollers to stop... in any case will try replacing...

Also sometimes the top dryer door 'opens' when printing - causing printing/processing to stop... any idea what would cause this?

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I've seen simular problems on 370s. Is this the squeege rack leading into the dryer? If you pull it does it turn smoothly and with little effort? If you place a finger on it when its in the printer and drive is on can you stop it with very little presure? If so, pull it apart and clean the shaft supports. Also look at the end of the shafts. If they have a lot of grooves worn in them then its time to replace both the shafts and supports. You can clean and lube them with some grease in the meantime. Should keep you going for a while.

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We encounter this often. The all moving parts in the dryer get a little hard to turn over time because of debris build up and lack of lubrication. The fix I use most often is to take the dryer out and use WD-40 (not a recommended lubricant by Fuji) on the bearings, shaft supports as well as clean the chain with WD-40. This clears up the issue so long as there aren't any bad parts in that section.

You can try it without taking the dryer out by spurting some WD-40 onto the chain overhead with the “Grey handle” cover off and the dryer moving.

Good luck.

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