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Frontier 500 Timer dosen't come on


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Hi guys,

I have a problem with Frontier 500 daily timer.

I set the timer to turn on the 500 8:30 every morning, however it never turn on automatically.

Is there any setting on Frontier 500 itself or am I missing something?

Frontier 500 Ver. 1.0-0X-014

DIC2 (FE software)  Ver. 2.0-0E-350

Thank you,


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Hi tolik197,

Thank you for your reply.

We used to have Frontier 570 and we down graded to second hand Frontier 500.

It didn't come with DIC but came with FE software so we install to our PC.

It hasn't start up with timer from day one.

We do post operational check and shut down.

We set timer for 8:30am and I normally come to shop around 9:30.

Does Frontier 500 have UPS inside?

I know it's not big problem but I would like to see 500 already warmed up when I come into shop.

Thank you.


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Does Frontier 500 have UPS inside? no

You work from one DIC on 2 frontier???

The timer at you is exposed in the menu 1621

Click the [setup and Maintenance] → [15 Printer

Maintenance] → [1520 Printer Maintenance

Startup] → [16 System Operation Setup and

Check] → [1621 Timer Setup] → [Enter] buttons.

Best regards.


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I would check your error logs for something similar to E-2625 Safety thermostat error. We have seen this error cause cause the machine to shut it self off after the timer turns it on in the morning.

If you are getting this message then the P2 heater or what ever heater is associated with it (usually P2) will need to be cleaned out as gunk forms on the inside and will not allow the chemical to heat up causing the heater it self to over heat and trip the sensor which will cause the machine to turn off as a possible safety measure seeing as no one may be around.

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