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fuji370 vs other fuji models


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hii friends ... wanna  some advice who r using fuji frontier machines  ...  my friends suggested me to buy only f-370 as they stated 370 is best machine fuji ever made ... is this true 550/570 has more laser issues  than 350/370 ..... i  have a friend who want to sell his 370 but how can i check  the life of a laser  or do u advice me to spend few more dollars and buy reconditioned frontier .. dont u think it is also risky to buy r/c machine  as customer is not aware about laser usage ..... plz advice ....

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370 is a good machine, and probably more reliable than a 550 or 570, but they do wear out and develop problems as they age, just like a car!  Besides the laser unit, the distributor, crossover rollers and the rubber 'tires' in the processing racks  cause problems as the machine ages.  Replacing all the tires and the rollers in the crossovers costs a couple thousand dollars in my country (Canada).  Less expensive aftermarket (non-Fuji) parts are available, but so far my experience with them has not been very good.

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The lasers on the 370 unit are the most dependable. I repair all of the Fuji units and do not get very much call for a 370 unit. The 570 is more compact and can print on 12 inch paper. The 370 only prints on 10 inch paper. The 570 has many different laser related problems. The price of the 370 is quite low as it is an older machine but it is still a great unit. The tanks are enourmous so chemistry is more expensive to set it up. It uses much more water than any other unit.

As far as the life of the laser is concerned, it is not really a good indicator of the life left in the laser. A look at the "Laser Exposure Check" screen would be a better indicator of the condition of the lasers. Even then it is not a great indicator of laser life. The truth is that there is really no great way of predicting how much life a laser has left. The only way to predict when a laser will fail is to track the temperature and current of each laser and watch for sudden changes in its operating parameters.

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any more suggestions ..... i need to know is it worth to buy reconditioned machine than a running machine ..... i mean when a machine is reconditioned do they change all worn parts including laser parts and charge double price than running machine ... what do you friends suggest ?????

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Referbishers never change the laser parts.

If they have laser defective they have to repair it and sell the lab after repair and tests.

Usually they just check the laser and if it works fine - sell it.

They change rollers, gears, shafts etc.

Clean and paint the lab ( if necessary).

No more.

Of course refurbished unit looks much better but it costs more.

If you know the laser history and there is no suspicions that it will die soon - better to get well a running lab (more cheap) but in this case you will have no guarantee like refurbished unit has.

Place here the last print screens of the following menus:

just to understand the condition of the laser unit:






0549 (table with the last data!!!!)

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Thanks Mr Eugene for giving such a usefull information .... As you are the master of lasers,  can i ask you if i will check how many hours of red, green and blue laser are used  in a machine can you give me some idea about life of a laser ....  i do not understand about table as you mentioned 0542/43/44/45/49 ...... do you want me to press button 0 then 5 then 4 then 2 on keypad of frontier and post readings accordingly ... thanks again ..

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Hello Imi,

These numbers refer to the menu screens. These can give a good indication of the condition of the lasers. The last screen 0549 is the laser history screen. If it is flat and straight then it means the lasers are stable. However if they are starting to increase near the right side it could mean that the laser is weakening.

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hii friends .... i checked the laser history and it shows a graph in which three lines r,g,b were drawn ... green and blue are almost straight lines but red is  like  ______                ____________

          \          /

            \      /

               \/                                                      hope you understand my drawing and please let you know the readings for r.g & b are :  red: 5507

                                                                                                                                                                                                   blue: 5253

                                                                                                                                                                                                 green: 5278

now if you can guess with this about life of a laser kindly advice me or in case you want me to check some other things please let me know .... thanks ..    

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Hi Imi, I have a 355 which is very similar with 370, in fact your printer is LP 2000 ! How old is this 370 ? You can check the year of mfg on the printer maintenance menu ! Here is mentioned the date of laser installation !or on the back side, just under the general power breaker ! The data of red laser looks no good to me, it looks like a failure, it must be a straight line !

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i seen all of idia

  350/370 now is very old, all body have  many repair lasers and pcb's, so how can trust machine,   laser hour 5000 meen havy used , Rmember all data can  change  who is experd , i can do your laser  hour change and  ( less 5000)  and sel you very good machine and  not use long year, but remember  350/370 MFG year, and think how many prints make  one year

so better to you go fuji 550/570 or 7500

laser is new or used  what time coming its gone.... dont think, that is life and time

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I can tell you that the 370 laser unit is the most dependable. This dip you see in the red laser data is probably just a glitch. if it is the same before and after that dip then I would disregard it. If the lines are increasing it could mean a laser is weakening. Given the information you have provided I would say that the machine could give you a good amount of dependable service. Of course I must point out that there is really no way to predict with great accuracy when a laser will fail.

I personally like the 570 better as well. It is much faster, more compact, and newer than the 370 units. However they are more expensive as well. You will need decide for yourself.

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One more time I want to explain that the best way for us to understand the real condition of the laser unit that you want to be revised is to look at the laser history chart and graph with curves.See all menus that I listed before and send us.

As for your working hours:

All FUJI lasers light when the lab makes exposure only.

Giving us:

>green -- 8953 hours  blue -- 8869 hours -- red -- 3967 hours ...

You have a real laser working hours values.

What to say: They are quite high...

But note that:

Laser itself is a really misterious stuff and nobody can declare how long it will work after you buy the lab.

It can work years and years and it can die in a day...

And if that laser was not in repair up to now - there is a possibility to get a sad error on screen.

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