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Order-it & FE system


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Hi digitoon,

first of all, how i wrote in the message before, u need to install the frontier connection kit (if u got the machines from fujifilm u got a CD named FUJIFILM CONNECTIO KIT).

After u installed the software u will find an icon PRINT-IT on the desktop click on it and go:



u should add a new Printer

Click on ADD Minilab Printer

Then selct it (it will be called NEW)

Select NEW on the left side then change the name in Frontier, in description enter frontier (how i wrote it). Select then the Plug-in (depending on the FE u need to choose FDIA or LIOS plug-in).

Click next DI-Contreller : Enter the name of the Front-End (computer name, mostly FRONTEND) click next. Choose Input : Order-it

Output : your minilab ex. lp800srgb.

After this. Go again in Menu plugin-setup, select on the left side Frontier and then the Button Format Export . Once u saved it , open Price-it, click on Impport Format choose Format_export.xml. Select Minilab Button and configure your article list.

I hope i could help u.

Let me Know.

P.S. Where are u from ???

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