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frontier 340 startup failure

Christina Rose

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dear all,

frontier 340 doenst start up as usual. when i switch on ( press green switch) MCU not getting power ON and after 2-3 minutes machine goes OFF.

another issue some times MCU got power up as usuall, but monitor not. also i have notice that when the machine starting up, desitometer LED's are not lighting up. so i guess printer part not working normal. by the way after scanner initilization, shows error message w-2110. communication with Film scanner and printer section failed. ( Monitor has given external ac main)

i already change SCSi card, cable and re install system software. but no luck. i understand that while machine get power up, printer section not ON. because as it is in normal operation desitometer lights should be ON while startup.

any inputs regarding this issue would be highly appreciated.  

i have notice that when startup process going on PAC 22 board not operating well. ( some relays not functioning). only two led's lighting up. when it seems 4 led's lights up, system operate as usuall. but this happens some times only.

funny thing is some times entire unit works without any problem.

thanks and regards,


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Thanks for all the inputs. Mr. bayro was right. it was the problem with CTP24. battery voltage almost ok. while checking its almost 2.5 V. CT24 replaced with new one. now machine working well. in fact i was away from the town and internet access was bit restricted there. sorry for late reply.

@Mr. Khews- ( CPU already changed with another. but no luck.)

@ Mr. Moon- power supply was seems Ok.



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