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Updating SP2000 to S2 Fail !!!!


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hello everybody ; when I wanted to update my scanner SP2000 with the S2 during the installation I got message telling me that the update was unable to access certain files because they were locked so I clicked ignore but the problem is that it seems to me that the update does is not done correctly. What should I do? thank you.

Frontier 350 SP2000 (Windows NT)  LP1500 FE V3.0

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you should restart the PC (SP2000) while the S2 CD inside the CDROM. Some files at Drive D: is used by the program. So, while the program is running you cannot replace the files, especially some dll files. While you restart the pc while the S2 CD inside CD ROM it will automatically install and replace those files.

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hello everybody i put the S2 CD into the CD ROM of SP2000 and Restart the PC. effectively the  S2  started, and it replace the locked files.but i cant update the DIC server!! it dont work!  is there any patch to install to the scanner and the server???

Frontier 350


FE v 3.0

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