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lines and banding on 350


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I have just moved my frontier 350 to a new location.

As I started the machine for the first time in the new location, on the first print it showed the message that the  scanner and the printer do not communicate. I checked the insertion of the IEEE cable and it started printing but the prints were lined and banded.   Fine lines were present from place to place in an uneven manner, and banding is present in a pattern of lighter and darker bands that do not affect the geometry of the print.

these bands are present even on the condition paper setup prints, but not on the paper precut.

I should also mention that the machine was moved, transported in a truck for about 3 miles with very much care, but could it be a mechanical factor involved? to move the machine I had to pull out the connection of the IEEE cable.

the lines are very fine as a block in the laser's exposure for one pixel, so could it be that the files are somehow transfered from the film scanner unit somehow  "truncated"?

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I am assuming this is 6 inch paper. If so then the lines are caused by some problem in the subscanning section. It is not moving the paper smoothly past the laser. You need to check all of the rollers and gears and belts under the laser unit to check for loosenes or wear or foreign material, even built up debris (paper dust or lint) could have been knocked loose during transportation and could be causing this pulsing of the subscanning section.

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