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340 moving/exhaust requirements


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I am moving my frontier 340 to another location and was wondering if there are any moving requirements that I should be aware of. I know I have to drain the machine but does anything else have to be removed or tied down before the move? Also if the frontier 340 is in a small building with minimal air flow will it smell? I was told it will so are there any exhaust requirements that are needed to minimize the smell of the machine? I have it in a contained room with extensive air flow now so I don't notice the smell.

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If I recall correctly, the optical section (laser unit) should come out before moving the machine and the plate it mounts to needs to be secured.  Be sure to wear a static strap when removing the laser to prevent damage.  I would also tape all the doors and removable panels closed to keep them from being damaged.

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No need to remove any electronic board/part of the lab if you decide just move the lab!

It will be much more secured INSIDE the lab than outside...

Especially laser unit... Do not even touch it.

Stick by scotch-tape all doors.

Buy a roll of stretch tape (for pallet package) and cover the whole lab with this tape.

It will be enough to safe the lab from the dust and snow/rain and you can move the lab.

If your country has outside temperature below zero (yes- it happens somewhere...  ;)) and you have to move the lab by the truck - try to empty all hoses and pumps from the water to avoid its breakage (I hope you know what can be done by frozen water with plastic)

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Chemical smell where?

Inside the operator's room /shop?

I think that Kodak chemistry is the most smelly.

The most neutral in smell factor chemistry was Champion (IMHO). It also never freeze.

But I heard they closed the manufacturing of the chemistry...

How to do:

Have you ever seen how professional kitchens equipped with steam hood over the cooker?

Make the same over the lab. Or:

Use a flexible metal vent hose (~15 cm in diameter) and fix directly to the exhaust exit of the lab and direct ai-flow outside. (equip it with a wall fan).

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