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Hi, Im running on fuiji LP 7500 , I always facing many photographers complaint of poor quality printout for under and over expose picture. THe underexpose print turnout to be very noisy and the color is patch without graduate tone. the overexpose is burnout of white color the detail are lost and is very obvise compare to fuji  350 , 570 printout.

kindly advise if there is any setting or adjustment need to do to compensate the quality.

by the way, im using MS software.

thank you very much.

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You are not alone.........

I have posted a few threads over the past couple of years concerning similar issues with this Noritsu (Fuji) version of these minilabs. We run a pro-lab with  an inventory of five printer/processors, Durst, Agfa & Nortisu etc. All was great until we installed a QSS3704Pro.

Never been right since day ONE. Noritsu visited our site, upgraded software and profile data. Some slight improvement but not a total resolution. That was 18 months back, no-one here at Nortisu in Australia was forthcoming with any sensible answers. We no longer have a communication dialog with them. Matching work (as close as possible) to each machine for make-overs and reprints is  critical.  We worked around it with a few tweaks on the printer  to"mask" this  annoying abberration.

Our workflow software is LabtricityTimestone with the profiles created by Scott at Onsight


Just recently, another service provider with colour profiling expertise in this industry, visitied our facility to try their hand at customising another unique profile for this machine. Results thus far have been quite impressive I must say.


Noritsu profile is disabled on the printer as this where the underlying  problem is embedded, in the way the Noritsu crunches the image data even with this is turned off. Putting it in plain language we need to come in "through the back door" and  deceive the printer a little. Well that's how I describe the process anyhow. There should be no corrections in your print channel or magazine data for the (custom) profile.

So to answer your question: I think you need to engage the services of  someone experienced in this field. Fine tuning the profile on site takes quite a few hours, is very time consuming.

Good luck.

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I ommitted to mention that any custom profiles created will be specific to the current paper you are using. It's not a broad spectrum fix by any means. If you change paper  types or surface then you might expect some wierd  results, typically some posterization in the highlights and shadow areas.  

To clarify, it is the Noritsu Color Management  algorithm designated as the root of all evil here. You can't change it, but you can work around it.

You could try one of the Dry Creek  Digital Photo lab free profiles. Just click onto a state in the left margin and try to find a similar printer and paper profile suitable for your current setup.


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i install ms software lp7500 machine now prints perfects earlier lime prints not good now prints

coming like same as noritzu hd machine i install 2 lp 7500 machine software . it will fine now

here fuji people tried so many things but outside i install lp7500 2 machine now prints quality

better costomer satisfied

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i got a LP 7500 brand new 2 years ago with MS 3.0 software, same problem with the brightness, the white color over exposure. fuji upgrade to MS v.3.1 and the same thing. So im still waiting the solution. by the way even if i got brand new fuji frontier LP7500, it didnt come with CD software, no fear.

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Photocorp.. which Noritsu machines does this happen to?  I have been thinking about moving to a Noritsu lab due to the longer print lengths (helpful when printing photo books) as well as the color management capabilities of EZ Controller.  Fuji's MS01 system has no color management.  You have to convert images in Photoshop before printing and it would be nice to eliminate this step.  I couldn't live with washed out highlights however!

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For the models QSS37xx series (current) Noritsu implemented a radical change design by only employing one AOM Signal Processor for the Laser print engine, whereas previously there were three! This I think fundamentally is when problems became  apparent with  an  obvious  non linearity characteristic somewhere in the in color management software in the last few step data values of highlights for the LUT  just before you hit absolute white.

This is not normally visible, but if you create a graduated step wedge, or a circular grayscale linearity sample  in Photoshop having about 40-50 steps then you may pick up on the "corruption".

Noritsu printers are very reliable, and we have no other issues with their build quality or performance other than that which is the subject of this thread. Having a custom profile created for your lab for the paper types you would be using will solve the issue.

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I have to correct something I said before. the last version of my LP7500 is MS01 2.5.5  not 3.1 that i write before...  and also i said : "it is not fear " but i really wanted to say: it is not fair ... bought a brand new fuji lp7500 and dont even recive any CD software. well sorry for my english :-P

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