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frontier 330 versus frontier 340


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hello. we will buy a frontier soon and i know nothing about them-i started on kis, i am working now on a dlab1 and want to move to fuji. so i need some detailed information about them, from the point of view of the operators especialy.  i know that 340 uses faster chemicals so prints sooner than 330 but nothing else. have been told that they are identical except this advantage but i want some extra details-on google this is hard to finds.

so, what can you do on a frontier 340 and you can't do on a 330? how are the pictures of 340 vs 330? any sugestion/opinion is welcomed. good or bad. thanks

forgot this. on kis 1500 i can send an order of 2000 (or more) pictures and in the middle of it, after i have finished the corrections but lab didn't finish exposing, i can put another order on priority and print that in the middle of the first order. on dlab 1 i can print a 200 picture order (maximum with correction ) and can't print another order in the middle of another one. i can say that the agfa is very bad as software posibilities compared to kis 1500. so, can frontier 330 and 340 do this?

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340 uses a higher speed processor, with about half the dry to dry time of the 330.  The 330 with it's longer developer time will work with professional papers (like type C), the 340 works best with the Type 2 paper .  Both machines are 'tethered' printers meaning they connect to the Fuji digital imaging software through the scanner. This reduces flexibility, like being able to have rush jobs printed in the middle of other jobs.  For this capability, better to go with a 350 or 370 with FMPC computer and MS01 software.  The 330 and 340 are great little printers for film (dust and scratch elimination), but the tethered interface holds them back for digital printing.  With a 350 or 370, FMPC and  MS01 digital images can be printed while film orders are being scanned. Laser units in those machines also last longer than the ones in 330 and 340. Downside is more complex transport needing more service as it gets older.  You can run a 350 or 370 without a scanner if you won't be processing film, but again you will need an FMPC computer to control the printer.

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