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370 Chemical Mixing


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Hello and Happy new Year from Italy !!!

The reason why, the mixing doesn't start, should be depending from the status of the replenisher sensor.

Some times, the internal plastic cylinder of the replenisher sensor, remain locked by dirt or in case that the diameter of it result increased.

YOU MUST, verify in the INPUT check mode of the processor section the status of the lower and Upper replenisher sensor.

They must result all in OFF status or NOT detect.

After this verify, You can proceed opening the repl. door, inserting a new cartridge and close the repl. door.

Normally, it start automatically in few seconds (check for correct quantity of PSR).

If doesn't start, go in the control panel of the processor (under the densitometer unit), and push 5 times the MENU key, and then push 1 time ENTER.

Using the arrow, move in the INSTALLATION MENU.

Always using the down arrow, find the MIXING.

Click ENTER and Start mixing.

If also in this case the procedure doesn't start, may be You have problem with the replenisher cartridge motor.

In this situation, You can also remove the cartridge and verify it for correct functionality.

Go in the maintenance menu, and access to the I/O check mode of the processor section.

You can activate the repl. cartidge motor use the first key (push normal or reserve).

I hopoe these information will be usefull for to solve Your problem.

Super best regards,

Marco Tanara

Frontier Service Italia srl

:) :) :) :) :)

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I must supposed that there is an Error message in background.

When You launch the I/O check in presence of some errors, the access to the Output check may fail ....

I suggest You to remove the error, and later access to the I/O check, simulating the closing of the door switch with a little piece of paper or carton inside, in order to recognize with Your eyes what happen in the repl. section..

If the problem is always present, You have no other way than call a local Technician for the related service.... !!!!


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