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MS Printing Pictures Rotated


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I had a client's order that messed up: 20x30 pictures came out with the image rotated on paper, also pictures that I croppes came out as with fit-in.

What is the problem? Did you have this issue?

I noticed now that it rotates pictures on paper (but not in preview), everytime I crop images from interface, or move crop rectangle on image.

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There is a bunch of bugs, unfortunately. My favorite one is where an order coming in to the database never gets passed the 'busy' status, but then replicates itself, over and over.  Sometimes happens with a Kiosk order right near the end of a day, and replicates itself overnight.  I have come in to work in the morning to see 2500 copies of the same order, all marked busy :-/  The only way to fix it is to delete every single one of the offending orders, restart the system and delete any further orders with the same id.  Happens totally at random, Fuji Canada claims it has no record of it happening to anybody else, and no reason why it does happen.

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Try this:

Go to the control panel and find regional settings or region and language.

Then find the settings for the formats. If to the numbers the decimal symbol is '','' change it to ''.''

Restart your pc and try again

Cause the program is built for some regions maybe you get this bug

I think that this will help if not is an other issue :)

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