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FE software : Svchost.exe problem!!


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hello everybody when i work i always have  svchost.exe message appair and all the network is blocked and i m forced to restart all the computers sever and clients what can i do i try everything:  antivirus scan, anti-malware... etc ??? help me please

my configuration : FE software with windows xp

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ok merci beaucoup je vis en France dans le val de marne j'utilise un frontier 355 peux tu m'expliquer la procédure? j'ai lu qu'on devais installer Windows xp en anglais donc le FE seras en anglais? parce que sur mes postes de travail FE est installé en français il faut installé un patch peut être pour avoir la version française?

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Greetings, deep freeze solution is very good, but sometimes you have to reinstall all the software and it takes a long time, also recommend the use of the deep freeze, creating an image of both partitions (C and D) with a program, particularly use Norton Ghost 15, which allows you to create and restore from the CD, without installing on the hard disk. Remember that apart from Windows XP to be installed Photoshop, CorelDraw, Office, antivirus and many more programs, which take too long. In my case it takes me 10 minutes to restore the image of the station and then I can restore user data.


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