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replenishment system help


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Drain all the replenisher tanks. Pull the back cover so you can see the float sensors. Add water to the PSR tank. Power off the 370 and then power it back on. It should ask for a replenisher box. Open door and put it in. If it does not ask you can force the mix. Hit the menu key 5 times then enter. Go to option 7 (installation) and look for replenisher mixing. After the replenisher starts mixing go to the back of the machine and watch the float sensors. After the box is empty the lower levels should be reached. After the wash noozle rinse the bottles, the upper level should be reach except for P1. After the P1-RS stirring valve ( the last line coming of the solinod valve pack with the one way in line valve) runs the upper level sensor for p1-r should float. If for some reason the upper levels are not reached. Start trouble shooting why. If its the P1-R, look at replacing that in-line vavle. Even though it looks ok, I've replaced it and my problem goes away.

Good Luck


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you check input lavel  in processor, p1 upper leval lower leval signal  same as p2 , ps

all upper shuld be on  or all lower lavel shuld be on  after mixing with full tank,  any leval no same  there is have problam in flot swich  , or  mixsing watter  please fill some water what need to upper leval to on

this is one problam, any another  please let me know

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