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Fujifilm Dl 430 Banding


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Hello to everyone.

A month ago i bought a Fuji film Dl 430  mini lab for my photo store.

It has problem with banding... to the prints... more intense to glossy paper than luster. It is not always visible... but it is when the color is  for example  a  blue sky ... or gray ... or something monochromatic....

The technical support cant solve the problem a month now and they say that they work on it but from the other sidei am getting angry because i paid a lot of money for something that doesnt work as it should...and i am afraid to print these kind of photos... :(

Do i have the right to demand a replacement? What do u recommend to do?  They tried various settings here, but the problem is still here.  U think that the print head is problematic??

Thank you

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