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line on print


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machine- frontier 370

there is line coming on print . i cleaned inside lassser unit and theres no any dust actually

perfect . coz is some time coming some times not coming . i have worried about this matter

when we print we dont know line comming or not. please give me some instruction to solve

this matter

attach pic here

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It is difficult to tell but it looks as though it might be a crease or a fold in the paper. Is this line smooth to the touch or can you feel a ridge? If it is smooth and not a crease then the fineness and sharpness of the line indictes it is a blockage near the paper. The jagged nature of the line indicates it is something moving around as the print is being exposed. I have seen similar problems when a hair or fiber of some sort is trapped in the exposure section and is being moved by air currents as the print is being exposed.

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