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Frontier 370 paper remains in printer


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Error W-2411 appears during machine initialization.There is no paper in the printer section.Trying to clear message by opening & closing printer door switch gives the following errors 1 after the other:

E-2417 Paper width guide initialization failed

E-2416 Nip initialization for exposure section failed

E-2415 Nip initialization for upper side door failed

I have replaced CTL20 but there is no change.

Somebody help please

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Hello Everyone

I checked voltages on CTL20 & I got this from CTL3 connector: pin 1 & 2 - 1.19V

                                                                                         pin 2 & 4 - 0.22V

                                                                                         pin 2 & 3 - 5.1V

I also checked connector PAC5 on PAC20 PCB and find same voltages. Surely there must be somewhere wrong. What can I do next to solve the problem?

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