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Sp2000 power on problem


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We got a SP2000 scanner, now suddenly it won't turn on, started yesterday, but after pushing the system start button alot it finally started up.

Today again, same deal - it wont power on by the timer, but now it won't turn on after alot of pushing that system start button  :(

Any idea what this might be?

I have removed the back panel to see if I could spot something wrong, but this is unknown territory for me.

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Does not work, seems there is no power coming to the computer.

If time permits it, I will probarly try to dismantle the power input on it tomorrow, since it seems completly dead, it might be a problem there.

If not, I might aswell check out what they want for a used one instead of them sending me a tech guy to go through it..

Wish me luck :)

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