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What model Fuji-lab do you have?

These diagrams show you where the AOM (driver) is located in the model 340. AOM is item-13 in the first image. The AOM crystal however is integral to the laser unit itself.

Have a look here if you need an explanation as to how it all works


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Dear Sayyad,

I fully described this error in my website:


and as I wrote there:


Do not open the top cover and interfere into the laser's internal space!

There is no parts for repair by the end-user!

Send us the laser unit and we will repair it with 1 year warranty period.

if you agree to have it repaired- write us the message to


and we will give you the details of shipment and current price..

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As you can see the AOM is a very simple device. Mostly just a crystal with some impeadance matching components. almost impossible to fail. The two problems I have seen with the AOMs are misalignment in either the vertical axis or out of rotation or contamination of the faces of the crystal. The faces where the beam goes in or out are the open faces that can be seen through the holes. These can be cleaned carefully by using a very small cotton swab and acetone. Only swipe once with each swab and be careful not to damage the very small wires connected to the crytstal. If you break on of the wires it is not repairable.

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