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Hello Everyone!

I am willing to integrate my lab's software with Fuji MS01 to be able to automatically send orders to my frontiers (using a hotfolder system) I am having difficulties to find out the fileformat that is accepted by Fuji MS.

Does anyone have any experience in this field? or have a good manual about it? I will appreciate any help!!

Best regards,

Vahid sherafat


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With MS13 you can create hotfolders for a particular file size.  When imagea are placed in those folders they are automatically picked up and printed.  There is also a folder called C8 Spool which is used for jobs coming in from the Job File Print Service software that can be run on other computers in the network.  Our Kiosks also use this entry into the MS01 database.  Here files are placed into the folder along with a text file that tells the software what sizes and quantities are to be printed.  You can pause MS13 on the server, create a job with the job file software then open the txt file to see the format.  Several companies have used this format to interface their online orders or kiosks.

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