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Frontier 370 Prints off when sent thru network


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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I came across it today (through Google).

My problem is whenever I sent a print through a network program (ExpressDigital), the printer doesn't seem to print as fine. When I print directly from the PC attached to the Fujifilm Frontier 370, it prints better.

I know it's not a setting on ExpressDigital, because I have this printer and another 370 set up in ExpressDigital the same way. I'm assuming it's something that happens when "receiving" prints through a means other than a direct connection.

Does anyone have any idea why it would be doing this? It also seems to expand the prints... I scanned the prints so you could examine and compare them. Unfortunately in scanning, the small lines in black totally disappeared on even the good prints, but still, on the right (blue) end you can clearly see the detail lacking.

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It is clear that every application has a different render quality for speed purpose mainly.

That is the difference between C4C5 and FE or MS, because when C4C5 has been created computers couldn't handle perfection in acceptable time, so engineers made resizing/rendering at lower quality.

Also, this may be the same with method of sending, I believe high quality is too large size for network acceptable speed.

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