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MS What needs to be installed for Frontier 350?


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I have a 350 and would like to have a server computer I think, 2 workstations, and normally the film scanner.

The essential is to be able to scan films and print in the same time.

Does Frontier 350 need firmware upgrade to work with MS as FMPC or what the server's name is?

Also, what to install on every of the computers? I know that workstations need "Workstation", and maybe the server needs "Server".

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What version of MS do you have?  With the 2.5 I am using you technically are not able to have a printer with a tethered connection and a scanner / printer with an FMPC at the same time.  I have figured out how to do it, but there are some issues with some print sizes causing errors with the tethered interface.  You will also need to disable the tethered printer whenever you are printing on the sp2000(350 scanner) or you could have issues. That being said, you need a computer for the server, one for the FMPC for the 350 and others as workstations as needed.  I don't think the firmware upgrade for the lp1500 (350) is needed anymore with MS software.  You will need a couple of the RATOC firewire cards that are hard to find.  Fuji doesn't support any other firewire cards, but I do recall some people mentioning they have found others that will work.  Start with a clean windows xp install (according to Fuji's specification as outlined in the installation manual).  Don't use the install you currently have working with the tethered printer or you will have issues getting the Sp2000 (350 scanner) to work.  Follow all the preinstallation instructions in the manual for the scanner, then install the FMPC and server. Make sure you follow the manual step by step, especially with the FMPC.  

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You need one computer to be the MS01 server, and another computer to be the FMPC.  My manual for ver. 2.5 makes no mention of upgrading the rom in the lp1500, therefore I don't think it needs to be done.  My system had the upgraded rom as it was running the old FMPC before we converted to MS software.

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So, doesn't MS play the role of FMPC, is it another software FMPC? Can you explain all the configuration?

So, first is FMPC computer connected by firewire to scanner and printer?

then MS scanner connected to FMPC by firewire...

then MS server connected to FMPC by network cable?

and MS workstations connected by network cable to MS server?

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MS will not play the roll of FMPC with the older machines, but will with the newer Noritsu based Frontiers.  So with a 350 you need a seperate computer for the FMPC with 2 Ratoc firewire cards.  The scanner plugs into one, the printer into the other.  This computer is networked to the server PC and other workstations. You also need a network connection from the scanner (the firewire connection only carries image data, other info about the job is carried through the network). If you don't have the installation manual  you should track one down before attempting an install (I don't have any manuals for version 3.0). When you intall MS it asks what type of installation you are doing, chosing 'Printer' installs the FMPC software.

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