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340 magenta coloured prints


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Hi I have a Frontier 330 with a similar problem but with the color blue and magenta.

When I test the calibration of the ok comes only after 4-5 prints when I print test and after 5 or 10 minutes back to be redone.

I thought it was a problem of chemistry but also after changing everything looks the same

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Hi all,

sirsir is correct in most cases, it is the AOM driver but there is another way sometimes this problem is solved. Go to setup and maintenance and do an upkeep print from there, then when the upkeep has been corrected (if it is corrected) initialize the data by pressing the initialize button. You will find that the colour change is permanent. This often happens after paper changes, where you have a different emulsion.



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Dear expert, I have the same problem with my Frontier 340, I'm from Australia, can someone supply me 1 AOM and send over? Please advice how much and what condition new or 2nd hand. The situaltion is my lease will end in 6 monts so I don't the future yet. Therefore cheaper is better. Thanks in advance

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a magenta colour shift in the mornings can indicate that you need to change the laser printer .  Run a control strip through first to eliminate any chemical problem .  

I recently changed my AOM Driver  . When this was done I had to Initialize the cassettes in the Set Up and Maintenance screen .  Thank goodness it was only the AOM Driver .  A lot cheaper to replace than the laser printer .  Good luck . ;)

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