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FMPC error on Frontier 350


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We own a Frontier 350 and this week a technician connected it by firewire directly to the FMPC D20.

For this he first swaped the EEPROM to Ver 2.0 and with everything installed it randomly (even when printing) gives the following errors on the FMPC:

W-2110 (command time-out)


The versions of software are:

FMPC Ver. 2.1-0E-008

Printer Ver. 7.7-0X-030R

Firewire sunix with LSI chip (also tried with Ratoc PCIFW3 with TI chip)

Windows XP Pro 32bit English

We just bought the FE software kit and I was suprised that it came with other Ratoc firewire card and FMPCII Ver. 3.0-0E-511 software. Going to install this but would like to sort out first the current problem.

Any ideas what can be causing this problem?


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Two different computers (one for the FMPC and other for the C4/C5 software) were tried with clean windows OS installs and the problem persists.

With the FMPC-II and FE softwares the problem still persists.

Now changing Firewire cable and Frontiers PCB controller board.

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