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after i blow the exposure area, the photos didnt have the line but then again around 30 min later. the line show in some photos. Not so strong like yesterday but still and also this line is not always in the same place.. i can see the line more often on the left side of the paper, sometimes are in the middle sometimes in the right side as you can see in the photos atached. Any idea what is the problem? ill blow the exposure area one more time tomorrow... please i need help im loosing to many photos :-(

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OK the lines you show in the prints are not dust. You have an issue with vibration in the machine at the point where the paper is exposed to the laser at the leading edge and acros the regulating guide. This is more correclty described as banding, and more attributed to timing of the cams for

paper advance,  where the rollers grab or release the paper as it's transported through the exposure unit.

The source of this problem can be hard to localize but the following extracts from the Service Manual may assist in finding the source.

Ive also attached (in the next post below)  the chapter for white lines which will not be your primary concern at this point in time.

Hope this helps.....

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i fix it.. thx u everybody for ur help.. the manual from photocorp was very helpfully. photocorp was right. thx again :-)

PD : and i have one more question... noritsu QSS-3700 is the same machine like fuji frontier LP7500 only the software look different, is that correct or is just my imagination?

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