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Frontier 7500 does not display magazines


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I have a 7500 frontier switched on today, do not show me the information of the magazines in the panda software.

For this reason I can not send photos from ms

to work I have to do an initialization of data and then load a backup and then shows magazines

There are times when the memory of the machine and there is no data to load again.

What can be wrong?

I'm using the MS01 ver, N1 system program kit ver 3.00.013

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I am a begginer in MS but I noticed that if I press the FA1 icon, then go to Admin and delete all or just suspect orders with incomplete data about them, MS functions normal again.

Also I noticed that Log off really puts things right, as shut down doesn't.


Excuse my advice as it may not be what you are looking for. Good luck!

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