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MS Digital Link Request Spooler Blinking


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MS Digital Link Request Spooler is sometimes blinking and the orders won't go to printer. I can't find a logic to this.

In the attached picture there is a situation where this blinking came and I had to restart to see if it will work.

The printscreen is just after restart and as you can see the situation solves after a minute or so by itself.

How should I understand those errors?

The connection looked OK during the problem, as I could see in network status packets out and in.

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I noticed that this blinking appeared after power failure and after I make orders in 20x30 size, the only size that I cannot print momentarily, don't know why.

The blinking goes away if I delete order, or I go to FA1 icon(lower left in View Orders screen) and click Admin, then delete the order containing 20x30 size.

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Also appears if I put Hot Job on an order(I am connected to Frontier340).

The printer ignores the express, maybe lack of compatibility being tethered, and the blinking starts.

The blinking ends and other orders go printing only after I delete that order.

And also, it is strict about paper surface. Error if trying to print luster order on glossy paper.

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The Hot Job function may not work well with a tethered interface.  If the printer isn't online to accept orders (like when printing film) the express orders should go to the top of the queue.  As for the Spooler blinking, I always thought that is just showing that data is active, and controlling the flow of jobs in the system.

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I'v got similar problem with my DX100. Actually there was run out of electricity during printing, after that I have unprinted photos - like ghosts, which I can not delete. 
I know there is a solution to kill process and clear this mistakes, but I can't remember :)
Thanks a lot!


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