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MS Hiding Taskbar and always in front


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MS is always full screen hiding important taskbar icons, like the bluetooth baloons with requests of connection or password.

I have to press show desktop and wait for bluetooth messages and then return to MS, so I am loosing time.

Also I cannot drag pictures from folders to desktop because MS keeps coming on top of the desktop.

I am talking about support mode, because operator mode is even more in front.

What is the permanent solution?

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There isn't one. MS01 (and C4/C5 for that matter) is designed to run full screen on a normal width moniter (not the newer wide screen ones).  If you open windows explorer using the keystrokes 'windows key' and 'E' you can drag and drop files around there, then use 'alt' and 'tab' to switch between the MS01 and explorer windows.

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