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MS First Impressions


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I have installed MS these days.

My first impression is very disapointing:

it is true that has a lot of new stuff compared to C4C5: crop, larger thumbnail, slightly better detail in shaddows and highlights, posibility to edit orders, etc.

But the interface and concept are a nightmare, the worst imaginable: very complicated interface with no explicit list of orders, quantity, print size, not intuitive from where to put express on an order and where to hold, an order appears in 3 or 4 different list confusing you to the max.

I used it today, and I happened to have lots of clients; I tell you, it makes you curse it's mother and all the family till Adam and Eve.

I apreciated Fuji for its most intuitive and simple interfaces, but MS is not for everybody, and even the ones that get used to it, will consider it adds a load of unneeded suplementary stress.

Maybe you disagree with me, but I got all messed up deleting orders but still being imported by the printer, searching how to express an order, how to release an order that i put on suspend or cancel... which of the 3 or 4 lists says what is on wait, why some removable drives didn't work since installing MS, why sometimes disconnected by itself and showing limited or no connectivity...

If anyone is interested, I can put screenshots with the MS interface mess.

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MS01 does have a long learning curve.  The interface gets better as you get familiar with it.  I am not crazy about the tethered interface, Panda is what actually feeds the orders to the printer.  This system is really designed to feed several printers at once, and that is where MS01 is more capable the the older software. When MS01 is used in a system with a seperate scanner (ie 370) it offers more versatility as well.

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