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MS Preinstall Prepairments


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I have installed MS three times by now.

1) first time it worked flawlessly but on a slow computer, just for testing

2) it installed ok on another computer but keped interrupting connection in the middle of orders (a message that no or partial connectivity appeared in taskbar)

3) installed again when had a little bit more time, on a fresh XP SP2 as always did, but the interface didn't start and Panda was freezed

All three times it was fresh XP SP2 with just Frontier user created when Windows asked.

In the 3rd case I tried giving the computer a fixed IP: and still no connection from DICIII but message with no or partial connectivity didn't show anymore and also, when trying to connect from Frontier interface, the DICIII's conection status showed trafic in and out.

That was not the case when Panda was trying to connect, showing only that it sends packets, but no receiving.

Is there a Glitch pre or post? Why then it worked the first time?

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I solved it. Corupted installer. That's how lucky I am :)

Now I have another problem: in operator mode I cannot access My Computer, taskbar, task manager, nothing.

I can do that just in administrator mode.

How can I customize operator mode so my employees can browse through computer?

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