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MS Awful Correction Quality


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I have installed MS16 on top of MS, so I can have 6 frame correction interface.

I have started to make prints and I noticed that when I modify density, it behaves very simple buy just modifying brightness(as it seams to me.)

There is no intelligent density correction as C4C5 does even when it doesn't have auto-correction enabled.

I am expecting more from this software. isn't it newer and better than FE software which also is better in intelligent correction and quality than may C4C5?

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Is the Image Intelligence turned on?  On the main order screen press the image Settings button and turn on Auto Correct, press Save As Default to keep it on for all orders. The Auto correct is contrastier in MS01 than C4/C5. You can modify the settings somewhat, and you can also change the contrast in the Image Settings area.

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